Who is Levan?

Hi, I am Levan [Le-v`an], a Software Developer working in the .Net/C# field. I speak four languages and enjoy to work in multicultural environments.

Currently, I am working in the robotics department of Hamilton Bonaduz AG, Switzerland. Here we are building and maintaining a complex system for our liquid handlers. This is done by utilizing languages such as C++, C#, Python and our own programming language HSL (Hamilton Standard Language).

My programming journey started in 2012, when I built my first website. It wasn't until 2016 as I decided that I want to pursue a career in programming.

I learned German and in 2018 I began my dual study degree "Computer Science Expert in Software Development" at a vocational school in Munich, Germany.

While studying (2018-2020) and until the end of 2022 my primary programming language was C# in web technologies.

"Programming languages are just tools. Sure! But I prefer my tool to be C#"

Focus and technical know-how

My main focus is on web backend and Web API development, as well as web application development with Blazor.

I like to use Vertical slice Architecture with MediatR library to handle the requests.

Additionally, I am experienced with asynchronous programming. I "async" everything and usually "await" too.

Other projects on which I have worked

  • Web development with ASP .Net Web Forms, Razor pages and Wordpress
  • Desktop application development with C# WPF.
  • Backend for frontend for a react application with Azure functions
  • Mobile development with Xamarin
  • Maintenance of C++ applications
  • Moderation of Scrum meetings

Tools/frameworks with which I have the most experience

  • C# / .Net
  • Visual Studio IDE
  • Entity Framework Core ("Database first" development )
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Project management with Azure DevOps and Jira
  • Blazor (Web Assembly und Server)
  • MudBlazor
  • MediatR

Other tools I have worked with

  • XUnit, NUnit Test Frameworks
  • MariaDB/MySqlDB, SqliteDB and NoSQL CosmosDB
  • SignalR
  • GRPC
  • HTML / (S)CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Docker
  • Portainer (Container Management Tool)
  • Elastic
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Wordpress
  • Telerik WPF components
  • Telerik JustMock (test mocking tool)
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